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    embrace (v)- to hold someone closely, to welcome new ideas & experiences, to value & cherish


    LOVE is not just a word. It’s a feeling, a state of mind, a physical longing for touch and emotional connection that we feel so deeply inside. It’s honest, open support and acceptance when we are sharing our best self as well as our worst self. At Embrace Relationship Counseling, LOVE means Leaving what doesn’t work behind, Opening ourselves to new learning and experiences, Vulnerability is a strength that adds depth and new bonds in relationships, and Embracing new choices which leave us feeling loved and connected!

    LOVE in the presence of infidelity, addiction, trauma/PTSD, avoidant/anxious attachment, narcissism, and gaslighting feels impossible. It hurts. It leaves us feeling helpless. It makes us question ourselves.

    That’s why we’re here.

    Embrace Relationship Counseling focuses on you and supporting healing within yourself and your relationships. Whether you are seeking the Gottman Method for couples healing from disconnection, Systemic Affair Recovery Therapy to process and heal the trauma of infidelity, individual counseling to heal and gain understanding of yourself, or blogs for new ways of viewing emotions, Embrace Relationship Counseling is ready to walk this healing path with you.




    The Gottman Method

    When you’re in pain, the world stops and I listen- Dr. John Gottman

    We spend our lives seeking healthy, loving connections. Creating a life together can be the greatest joy and the most difficult challenge. Infidelity/affairs, addiction, trauma/PTSD, and even becoming parents leave couples feeling lonely, hurting, and confused. By engaging with one another using the communication skills of the Gottman Method, relationships can rebuild on a foundation of emotional connection and togetherness.

    As a participant in the Certified Gottman Therapist program along with having completed my Level 3 Gottman Method training; advanced Gottman training in supporting relationships healing from affairs, trauma, or addiction; and my certification as a Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work workshop leader; our time together will be grounded in research based methods and focused on your healing. Rebuilding the foundation of your connection happens with new skills that grow and strengthen with you. 

    The Gottman Method

    Seven Principles Workshop   **New dates! Register now! Check under Gottman Workshops for more details!

    Bringing Baby Home Workshop

    Systemic Affair Recovery Therapy

    The Best Worst Thing that Could Happen to Your Marriage- Talal H. Alsaleem

    My training in Systemic Affair Recovery Therapy supports couples and individuals through the seven milestones of the healing from infidelity process. Spending intentional time working through each milestone allows for deeper understanding of how infidelity became a part of the relationship, infidelity’s short and long term impact on the relationship, the common mistakes couples make in trying to heal too quickly, and explore the potential of creating a stronger relationship than before. 

    From Loss to Meaning and Joy

    Listen to Anne’s interview with James Marland on his Podcast Scaling Therapy Practice. Learn more about Anne’s personal journey to becoming a therapist and the meaning and joy she finds in her practice.

    Practice of the Practice Podcast Featured Guest, Episode 863

    Anne shares her thoughts on being a couples therapist, the positive effects of the Gottman Method, and seeing relationships and therapy through a therapist’s eyes.

    That Explains It Mental Health Forum

    Anne will be a guest speaker on a panel of mental health professionals discussing current needs within our communities. She will be speaking about the Gottman Method for couples and removing the stigma around couples counseling.

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